Professional Development for teachers AY 2019-20


In lieu of the school’s policy ro upgrade the teaching standards and to uplift the professional development of the teachers , we, at S.N.B.P. International School, Wagholi had organized several workshops for the welfare and development of the teachers. A brief summary of the programs conducted during the Academic year 2019-2020 is as follows:


Induction (in-house): Teacher induction programs provide a systematic structure of support for beginning teachers. This program was conducted by the Principal, Ms. Shweta Vakil, within the school premises with an intent to specify the rules and regulations and to understand the work ethics of the organization, allotment of duties and teacher orientation. Induction programs also have the potential of elevating the teaching profession and fostering a collaborative learning community for all educators.


Classroom Management Workshop (in-house):Classroom Management Workshop was conducted by the Principal, Ms. Shweta Vakil, in the third week of July. Through this workshop, different classroom management strategies were explained to ensure that the classes run smoothly without disruptive behavior from students compromising the delivery of instruction. Non-verbal communication skills were also discussed. Effective classroom management paves way for the teacher to engage and establish standards of behavior that promote student learning.

Cordova Training (in-house): Cordova web support training was provided by Mr. Rahul Tiwari in the month of August with the aim of helping teachers explore the latest pedagogical researches and findings coupled with the most contemporary and proven approaches towards making learning joyful and long lasting. He provided the training on how to use the software for creating lesson plans to taking classes and also for conducting quizzes and tests.


Tata ClassEdge Training (in-house): Mr. Robin Philip, fromTata ClassEdge in association with Dell had conducted training for the teachers in the month of September. He provided the training on how the ClassEdge content was mapped to the NCERT syllabus and also on the use of the software for different purposes. He briefly explained the different elements of Tata ClassEdge.


World Book Records:

The school had given a platform to the staff of S.N.B.P to create a world record in the event “Voice of the Voiceless”, which was held in Seasons Mall (magarpatta) on 5th September 2019  to  show a support towards the Voiceless members of our society. A record breaking number of more than 600 members of the teaching fraternities had come together to dedicate a musical performance on the Indian National Anthem incorporated with sign language presentation. The staff had undergone a rigorous 2 weeks’ training to perform for the same.


Cyber Security Workshop:A Cyber Security workshop titled “Professional Skill Development Training Program on Cyber Crime” was conducted by the S.N.B.P Law College, Morwadi, Pimpri on 21St September, within the college campus itself. The workshop briefed about the safe handling of internet while surfing, downloading, sending and online transactions in order to avoid getting hacked. The workshop aimed at giving a basic knowledge of hacking and how to protect our systems against hazardous effects.


Cordova Subject Training (in-house): Cordova web support training was provided by Mr. Rahul Tiwari in the month of October with the aim of providing hands-on training to the teachers to explore the latest technology as per the requirements of different subjects- like languages, Science, Mathematics, etc.


Emoticons (in-house): Emoticons, had conducted a Counseling workshop on 8th February 2020 within the school premises. It was a perfect blend of sound theoretical knowledge and practical hands on experience. The workshop included activities for fostering optimism, dealing with stress, anxiety, anger, depression and other such emotional aspects of personal and social behavior. It aimed at enhancing the emotional wellbeing of an individual and spreading happiness, and channelizing ones’ thoughts to become a better version of oneself.