Ms. Shweta Vakil  PRINCIPAL


Being an educator for more than a decade now has been a remarkable journey. For me the purpose of education is to create a learning environment that is free and exciting. True education is about how to integrate one’s self in the ever-changing world. It’s about intention, sincerity and passion. 

Education to me means an all-round-development; that employs traditional teaching wisdom glued to modern technological philosophies, with an equal focus on academics, co-curricular specializations and most importantly character building. 

Putting our children into the right experiential environment, with the right teacher and the right tools is crucial if we want them to succeed. All children can learn when the curriculum and instruction are inclusive in design and implementation to accommodate the diversity of learners. A successful learning environment can be achieved when there is no fear and there are clear goals and a harmonious collaboration between parents and educators. We at S.N.B.P. create an atmosphere that is challenging, creative, and erudite. 

I believe that learning takes place when the children are living and not listening. Equal opportunity must be given to all the children to talk, discuss, debate and voice out. They must be given exposure to take decisions, see what life is like and understand the world-wisdom.  

Today parents and students are looking for an epic journey of discovery, filled with excitement, exploration and experimentalizing. Me and my staff along with the support of our President Dr. Vrishali Bhosale and Chairman Dr. D.K. Bhosale are there to support and develop the skills like empathy, compassion, time management, communication, compromise, patience and most importantly determination.

“Give the children exposure, let them live and they will surely be the global citizen of the future.”