School Library Activities – Involve, Innovate and Ignite the reading habit


Library classes/time should be the most important part /class/period in a school’s curriculum, but sadly this gets sidelined across a lot of schools and is also categorized under the second priority when it comes to course completion and other activities. Thankfully some emphasis has come through extra reading evaluation started by CCE, but still a hell lot is still to be done. A lot of work can be done in junior classes to make them interested in reading. At SNBP school we have been working on this.

1. Building the story Pyramid

Each of the students is given a book, like a small mostly pictorial in nature along with some text. The student reads it and later is given a worksheet to describe the book in the form of a pyramid.

2. A permanent section in the school student’s almanac

For the entire year, we have created a permanent section in the almanac for the teacher/librarian.Student/parent to track the list of books they have read during the entire year. This is supplemented by a worksheet or by a group discussion after reading each of the books where students talk about the following aspects of the book;

3. Train journey in the school library

Students are asked to make a train with one behind the other, the librarian becomes the engine. The train stops at all major landmarks within the library. The various sections inside the library like Newspaper, Magazine, Biographies, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Encyclopedia, General Books, Reference books, Audio Visual corner. This way the students get an idea of what is in store for them.

4. Locating my Favourite Fairy Tale Book

Students are given ideas about fairy tale stories and are asked to go and search the book in the library.


This one is simple, students are first told about the encyclopedias and information stored in them, Students are then divided into groups and each of the group is given an encyclopedia. The teacher throws different questions which are housed inside their respective encyclopedia. The teams have to find the answers, the fastest group wins the contest.