Ms.Devyani Bhosale       


We Cannot Seek Achievement for Ourselves and Forget About Progress and Prosperity for Our Community.  Our Ambitions Must Be Broad Enough to Include the Aspirations and Needs of Others.

Every little face I can see came into this world, trailing clouds of glory from heaven. But suddenly the little angels find themselves filled with doubts, fears, and confusion. Education is what removes our doubts and fears; what makes us happy and peaceful; what makes us better human beings. Education is complete when we learn how to live, to hope, to pray, to socialize and finally; to give back to the society. It can be considered as a process of discovering new things that a person was not previously aware of and increasing knowledge.

Therefore the foundation of SNBP Institutions was laid with the sole idea of providing education to all. Our aim is to provide a wide variety of activities like sports, dramatics, music, dance etc. with the motive of the all-round harmonious development of our students introducing them to a continuous process in which definite ways of perception, acting, and feeling are introduced to make them competent and equipped for the society. Our institutes allow young people to develop socialization skills. We facilitate a smooth transmission of knowledge and learning so that children can become empowered citizens of the future.

I intend to serve allstrata’s of society and it is my dream to see our institution having children always brimming with the quest of knowledge.

Finally, I would say that we should praise our children more than we correct them, praise them more for even their smallest achievement than we advice and then we will see them bloom like beautiful flowers.